Vanuatu Horseriding

There are a couple of good horse riding ranches in Vanuatu – Bellevue Ranch and Club Hippique Adventure Park (CHAP).

CHAP offers a unique opportunity for all horse riders. The diverse countryside and ease of access make it perfect for recreational riding. Rides can accommodate beginners, intermediate and experienced riders with jungle trails and beach/lagoon rides.

The club itself has been in operation for over twenty years. While CHAP is fully insured, they advise riders to have their own personal travel/medical insurance. CHAP is fully equipped but for comfort, experienced riders sometimes take their own helmet and boots.

The original horses in Vanuatu came with the plantation owners in the late 1800’s and the original bloodlines were probably French. Over the years the bloodlines have been mixed with Quarter horse, Arab, Thoroughbred, Clydesdale, and Appaloosa. What makes the island horse so unique is its temperament. We don’t know whether it’s the climate or the Melanesian lifestyle or the mixed bloodlines but you can be sure your horse will be quiet, sure-footed and forgiving.

Here is an email contact for Club Hippique – (phone 678 23347) and here is a link to the Bellevue Ranch website –

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