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Vanuatu Ecotours

There are over 40 tours to suit every level of fitness and owner/operator, Pascal Guillet is an expert in putting together walking and biking itineraries. Vanuatu Ecotours is rated #1 on Trip Advisor and has been chosen by AUSAID to organise workshops for tour guides on the outer islands

Vanuatu Ecotours (Walking, Biking, Kayaking, River Trekking) began in November 2004 when Pascal left the French Embassy to follow his dream. A keen walker, mountain biker, tennis player and horse rider, he wanted to share his country of 15 years with people who have similar interests – so now, with a bus, a business licence, some bikes and a lot of enthusiasm (and insurance!) Vanuatu now has ecotourism with a difference. Pascal has negotiated with land owners to have access to rewarding trails for groups of 2 to 14 people and offers local knowledge, attention to detail and a lot of fun. Whether walking or biking, it is 100% safe and Pascal and his team of guides let you explore the flora and fauna in this previously untouchable paradise.

Tours can be tailor made to suit participants – they could include a sunset walk through a local garden to watch kava preparation and enjoy the taste inside an authentic nakamal with locals or a group of riders meeting up with their families at a private beach for a picnic.

Romantic, gourmet picnics for couples are easily arranged.

For bushwalking or biking groups there is a variety of affordable, comfortable accommodation and with competitive airfares, the packages deliver a really affordable tropical adventure.


Bushwalking has finally come to Vanuatu!

Pascal EcotoursThere’s always been the bush and the potential for great walking but until now the only really accessible walk has been the walk to Cascades Waterfall. While this is a rewarding experience, it is a much-beaten track.

Pascal offers 40 different itineraries for various levels of enthusiast and ideal for those who just want to escape and experience the true feeling of nature. These walks are from one hour to a full day for 2 to 14 walkers and may include exploring the jungle, local gardens, river walking, cascades, coconut plantations, sunset walks with kava tasting and bush BBQs (on request). A visit to Lololima Cascades (waterfall and swimming hole) is one of Pascal’s many bushwalks and we can also book this for a private gourmet picnic for couples or groups.

Mountain Bike Riding

Bicycle riding in Vanuatu can be dangerous – if you ride on the town roads! But get out in the bush and it’s a different story. Pascal has a number of off-road biking experiences on offer for weekend wanderers to fitness fanatics. There are tracks for all levels of fitness from one hour to a full day. Riders can explore coconut plantations, bush & rainforest landscapes, rivers and cascades. Pascal’s truck can take bikers/bikes to the locations and remains as a support vehicle. Male, female and junior bikes are available.

Kayaking, River Trekking and Waterfalls

The inland waterways of Vanuatu can also be explored and tranquility and excitement can be experienced simultaneously. Paddle the scenic waterways by kayak, take a refreshing dip in a blue hole and explore the rainforests.

Here is a link to the Vanuatu Ecotours website and you can book by phoning Pascal on (678) 252 99 or his mobile (678) 54 03 506.